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Easiest voice conferencing solution, automatic call summary, instant minutes of meeting and searchable voice track with participant highlights. Subscribe below and join the waiting list.
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Don’t waste any more time making notes, summarizing the call or compiling Action Points and next steps. Gleep! is an AI infused solution that takes away the pain of maintaining conference calls. Within 15 seconds set up or schedule a call and be on your way.

We are currently in alpha testing mode. Join the waiting list and be one of the first to use the solution. If you get on the beta list of the first 5000 people you still have a 19.99$ /month price guaranteed for the rest of your life, even after we launch (full price is going to be north of 100$/month) Subscribe now

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Searchable voice track

Automatic highlighting of participants with the textual auto summary.

Can’t remember who said what?

Search audio recordings by keywords or persons and save yourself the hassle.

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Full Transcript of the call

Our AI solution gives you a full transcript of the call, a summary of the call with action points by person and next steps alongside with a TO DO list. The more you use the solution, more accurate it becomes, it learns your lingo, specific dialect and expands on that to make it super efficent for you

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No installation required

Seamless one click conference join, any device with a microphone, any browser out there by the power of WEBRTC

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Assistant for scheduling

Select preferred time, input contact and receive perfect timing for everyone. Recieve a link to join and reminders 5 minutes before the call

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Ultra secure

We use the most advanced solutions out there to secure your call and make sure only the ones who are meant to hear it will hear it. Seamless authentication alongside with voice recognition. We make sure your data is secure.

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